3 days of training course in Novi Sad by TCC Danubius

Successfully organized first day of training course by TCC Danubius and with support of ResEnva Consulting.

Successfully organized days of training course  for development of the Serbian Water sector by TCC Danubius and with support of ResEnva Consulting.

The training is intended for professional staff employed at different levels of utility companies and companies in order to improve their individual skills and the transfer of knowledge and skills of the neighboring countries to implement EU standards.

After the training, participants will get the status of certified trainers TCC Danubius and will have the opportunity to continue to expand the knowledge and skills training that will follow for the water sector and water supply in Serbia and the region.

“Train the Trainer” course for future trainers in the field of utility services in Serbia is held at the Faculty of Economics and Management – FIMEK in Novi Sad from 7th – 9th February 2017.


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