Solar Valley – Serbian Success Story

We are presenting today the very first Serbian Success Story of sustainable and energy efficient housing

First Serbian one of a kind Success Story in energy efficient and sustainable living and commercial space

Energy-Saving Houses are since many years construction standards in Europe. For the construction of buildings is especially energy efficiency a key factor.

During the last years energy efficiency has been on the top of the list in Serbia, accompanied, supported and lead by international institutions. Energy efficiency is the proven base for renewable energy.

Climate change can no longer be dismissed. That is why sustainable living and working is more than relevant for all of us.

We are presenting today the very first Serbian Success Story of sustainable and energy efficient housing


Designed and constructed in the second biggest city in Serbia: Novi Sad.

While others are taking step by step to implement energy efficiency, the company private “Termo-inženjering doo” conquered the task and presents a total net area of 12.500m². They are their own investor, designer and constructor, having not only a vision but a plan, which is one of a kind.

On a total of 3.6 hectares 112 housing units are presented with the size between 73m² to 166m². Within the village there are also offices for administrative and commercial facilities available with a total of over 1.000m².

It makes the difference:

» Closed Complex – the safety and security of the residents are at the highest level

» Energy Efficiency – Buildings are designed in class B energy efficiency (energy consumption for heating per year is <30 kWh / m2, while the average consumption in the city about 140 kWh / m2, which means that, accordingly, they can expect costs about 4 times lower than in the objects related to district heating systems.

» Renewable sources of energy – heating, cooling and hot water preparation is achieved by using solar collectors and heat pumps, environmentally clean sources of energy

» Digital temperature controllers in all units – paying for only own consumption

» Central floor heating system, most comfortable way of heating

» Quality thermal insulation materials and windows, which guarantee insulation of buildings in B-class

Private courtyard property of tenants

Technical maintenance service, which will take care of all aspects: security, development and maintenance of common areas such as walkways, playground and green spaces

In addition to energy efficiency Solar Valley also supports healthy lifestyles by introducing the following content:

Solar Valley supports healthy lifestylesNetwork of pedestrian and bicycle paths that permeates through the whole village. Gym and also outdoor activities

Plots for bio garden for residents who want to grow their own plants and food. The plots are equipped with central irrigation system and are located in areas of the village with the highest level of isolation. Village housekeeping will cultivate all green areas that are not rented

Completion of the entire energy-efficient village will be 2022. The first 10 housing units are already under construction and ready 2017 for moving in and sales. The commercial areas, which are equally interesting for offices, training, show rooms and many other options, will be ready from October 2017. Of course, at the present time individual wishes can be taken into account to provide tailor-made commercial space.

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