International companies and institutions on opening ceremony in Bijeljina

Water Management B2B Conference in Hotel Drina on 7th of June 2017, will be open by representatives of partners and event hosts. The guests will be welcome by: Myriam Fridman Dobrota, director ReseEnva Consulting, Philippe Kupfer, Austrian Commercial Counselor in BiH and Mićo Mićić, Mayor of Bijeljina City.

Wastewater & Drinking Water B2B Conference in Hotel Drina will be open by representatives of partners companies and event hosts. The guests will be welcome by following speakers:

Myriam Fridman Dobrota – Director ReseEnva Consulting, Philippe Kupfer – Austrian Commercial Counselor in BiH and Mićo Mićić – Mayor of Bijeljina City.

Waste water and Drinking water in Bosnia and Herzegovina are going to be main subject of the “Business to Business” (B2B) conference Wednesday, 7th of June 2017 in Bijeljina organized by Resenva Consulting doo  from Novi Sad and the  City of Bijeljina.

Wastewater & Drinking Water B2B Conference


Registration and Networking in the B2B-exhibition


Municipalities presenting available projects


Networking in the B2B-exhibition




B2B Meetings with municipalities and utilities


End of B2B Meetings
*8th of June site inspection

All participants are going to have unique opportunity to meet 7 local governments and their utilities and learn all about 19 projects for Drinking and Waste water, which refers to planning, construction, installation and reconstruction.Companies will also have the opportunity to present themselves in the exhibition hall in which networking and individual meetings will take place before, during and after the conference. 

  • Advantage Austria BiH

Each of those seven municipalities will be represented by the Head of Department for Water and Environment, the Head of the Utility Company, a PPP-Expert for immediate assigning regarding the tenders for the presented projects. 

We present you Semsa Alic - PPP Water Expert for the B2B Meetings

Semsa Alic is one of few internationally-certified PPP specialists in the SEE with over 20 years of practice on the institutional and economic reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

She has been constructing, supporting and managing high-scale international and national development projects aimed at improving the livelihoods of people, effectiveness of governments, and accomplishment of businesses. Her paradigm of success in today’s volatile, even wicked market contexts, is win-win partnerships crafted around tangible and ambitious actions.

Semsa is author and co-author of some of the key economic development public policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including a number of national development strategies and legislations regulating construction right, concessions, and PPPs. Semsa is currently facilitating efforts of the Zenica Doboj Canton on preparation of the Pousorje renewable energy district heating, valued around 30 mil EUR and one of the first by-the-book PPPs in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Site Inspection

On 8th of June ResEnva organizes site inspection to the first wastewater plant hosted by Mićo Mićić, the Mayor of the city of Bijeljina


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