Hydropower investment potential at 2nd Resenva Round Table

18 available hydro projects will be presented at Hydropower Round Table organized by Resenva Consulting and Government of the Republic of Srpska

Hydropower investment potential

According to the Energy Development Strategy of the Republic of Srpska (RS) until 2030, energy represents the strategic sector – the driver of the overall economic development of RS. The Government of the Republic of Srpska has a clear commitment that investments in energy must contribute to achieving economic goals. 

18 projects at Resenva Round Table

ResEnva Consulting have the pleasure to present Hydro Power Investor Round Table 2017, where the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining  (RS) will present 18 available projects with installed power between 13 MW up to 160 MW.

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The estimated hydroelectric potential of watercourses in the Republic of Srpska is around 10,000 GWh per year, out of which unused almost 70%

Hydropower potential of installed power greater than 10 MW was used around 36%.

The hydropower potential of installed power less than 10 MW was used around 6.5%.


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Project 1

Installed power: 93.52 MW
Average annual production: around 332 GWh
Estimated investment: EUR 193.422 million

Project 2

Installed power: 44.15 MW
Average annual production: 176 GWh
Estimated investments: EUR 118.876 million

Project 3

Installed power: 43.21 MW
Average annual production: 166.9 GWh
Estimated investments:  EUR 125.5 million 

Project 4

Installed power: 44.08 MW
Average annual production: 95.62 GWh
Estimated investments: EUR 139.4 million

Project 5

Installed power: 113.28 MW
Average annual production: 413,422 GWh
Estimated investments: EUR 243.26 million

Project 6

Installed power: 120.94 MW
Average annual production: 448,046 GWh
Estimated investments: EUR 281.94 million 

Project 7

Installed power: 87.23 MW
Average annual production: 335.48 GWh
Estimated investments: EUR 344.93 million

Project 8

Installed power: 93.4 MW
Average annual production: 396.5 GWh
Estimated investments: USD 292.2 mil. 

Project 9

Installed power: 93.4 MW
Average annual production: 396.5 GWh
Estimated investments: USD 216.2 mil. 

Project 10

Installed power: 93.4 MW
Average annual production: 396.5 GWh
Estimated investments: 237.8 mil. USD

Project 11

Installed power: 93.4 MW
Average annual production: 396.5 GWh
Estimated investments: 274.8 mil. USD

Project 12

Installed power: 24.01 MW
Average annual production: 139.90 GWh
Estimated investments: 154.44 mil. USD

Project 13

Installed power: 16.18 MW
Average annual production: 95.2 GWh
Estimated investments: 119.21 mil. USD

Project 14

Installed power: 13.3 MW
Average annual production: 102 GWh
Estimated investments: 78.45 mil. USD

Project 15

Installed power: 16.50 MW
Average annual production: 102.1 GWh
Estimated investments: 86.48 mil. USD

Project 16

Installed power 159.15 MW
Average annual production of 251.8 GWh with additional energy effects of 265 GWh / year per downstream power plant
Estimated investment value: EUR 179.9 million 

Project 17

Installed power of 60 MW
Average annual production of 100.6 GWh
Estimated investment: EUR 94.7 million

Project 18

Installed power 33 MW
Average annual production of 116.4 GWh
Estimated investment: EUR 48.26 million

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