Companies participants at Hydropower Round Table

According to the Strategy on Energy Development by 2030 the value of investments in the energy sector of the Republic of Srpska of about 5.9 billion €


Companies showing interest in hydropower projects in the Republic of Srpska (RS). Resenva present you participants at Hydro Power Round Table for investors, companies and experts

2nd of November 2017
Hotel San (Terme Laktasi) – Karađorđeva 44, 78250 Laktaši – Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of Srpska)

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Hydropower Projects and Registration 

RS Government has clearly expressed a commitment for investments in energy to contribute to achieving economic goals.

Strategy envisages different models of financing:

  • Public financing – implies the dominant role of the public sector, and financing based on existing accumulation of capital of the holding company and its subsidiaries, combined with the loan proceeds;
  • Mixed financing – public-private sector partnership
  • Private funding – investments of private companies due to limited financial resources of public sector towards the market liberalization.

Thus, the Government of the Republic of Srpska is committed to investments in the energy sector through one of the above methods, with the simultaneous striving for Power Utility of Republic of Srpska to remain in majority state ownership which implies its restructuring. Power Utility of the Republic of Srpska has to be stable and successful company that will in the future establish good cooperation and arrangements with foreign investors, and so be the backbone of economic development and stability of the Republic of Srpska.


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