Solar Valley

Solar Valley (Solarna dolina) is a closed type housing project designed in order to meet the requirements of modern living, and therefore the contemporary trends in design of residential complexes. Location, 6 minutes by car from Novi Sad city center, provides quick and easy access to all city amenities, while offering convenience of suburban living, mainly in terms of traffic and noise reduction, dominance of natural elements, open spaces and high levels of privacy and security.

On around 3.6 hectares of land, construction of a total of 112 housing units is planned, with an individual area ranging from 73 to 166 m2. The total net area of living space amounts 12 500 m2. Within the urban area, business, administrative and commercial facilities are provided, with a total net area of over 1000 m2.

Facts that distinguish us from the current housing market in Novi Sad:

  • ClOSED TYPE OF COMPLEX – safety and security of the residents are at the highest level
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY – houses are designed in class B of energy efficiency
  • USE OF RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES – heating, cooling and hot water preparation are achieved by using solar collectors and heat pumps
  • DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROLLERS in every room and pay-per-consumption system
  • CENTRAL FLOOR hEATING, as the form of the most comfortable type of heating
  • HIGH-QUALITY THERMAL INSULATION materials and windows, which provide the B class of energy efficiency of houses
  • PRIVATE COURTYARDS that are a property of residents
  • TECHNICAL MAINTENANCE SERVICE, taking care of all aspects: security, development and maintenance of common areas, such as walking paths, playgrounds, green spaces


In addition to energy efficiency and environmental protection, Solar Valley community supports a healthy way of living by introducing the following content:

  • A network of pedestrian and bicycle paths that pervades through the residential community
  • Gym and other outdoor activities
  • Space within the commercial blocks designed for sports and educational activities
  • Plots for bio-gardens, for residents who want to grow their own food. Plots intended for rent are equipped with a central irrigation system and are placed in the zones with the highest level of isolation

The following indicates that Solar Valley is indeed the garden of urban living:

  • houses occupy only 26% of the complex area
  • vehicle traffic uses below 5% of the complex area
  • private courtyards occupy 17% of the complex area
  • spaces devoted to common areas: green areas, pedestrian and bicycle paths, bio-gardens, open space activities, account for over 52% of the complex area.

The project team of Solar Valley invites all people who share our views on modern living tendencies and energy efficient and healthy way of living to become a part of our community.

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